Why create my own site?


I have a couple reasons I decided to create my own site rather than just post to Facebook:

People with no Facebook

I have some friends that do not have Facebook, and I would like them to have the option to read my posts. I also think that people who are considering closing their Facebook accounts should not feel obliged to keep it just for these updates. I still have a Facebook account, but I have moved away from actually going to Facebook to see what is going on. This is partly due to all the recent stuff with privacy issues and other controversies. I don't exactly want to support the company, although it's hard to even figure out if I was supporting the company to begin with. In short, I would be happy to not have a Facbook account, and this is my way of saying that I can have a cancer updates page without Facebook's help.

More room for creativity

I can do whatever I want here! I potentially would like to write longer things that don't really fall into the scope of a Facebook update. I could put that here and not make people feel like they have to read it. I also have control of the format of the site so I can change it to feature what I want rather than just relying on the post order of a Facebook group. I can make other pages, and I could include images formatted as I would like. I could even create a little game about orbiting a planet and link to it like this. (I actually made that a long time ago, and it's far from finished, so good luck with figuring it out).

Education for me

I'm a computer programmer, but I have never just created my own web page and learned the ins and outs of getting a domain name and maintaining it, so it's about time I did that. I also would be happy to help somebody else if they had a reason to create their own web page and domain name. This particular set up only costs me around 10 dollars a year.

I was inspired after finding the site IndieWeb